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Hailing from Chicago, Elgin singer-songwriter Brenon Williams aka Bren Got Hits is an up-and-coming star on the rise.


Influenced by renowned artists Chris Brown and Jason Derulo, artist Bren Got Hits started writing music fours years ago. Being an artist of multi-diverse styles, Bren ventured into Pop & R&B music genres, even though his music reflects a twist of Hip-Hop.


His notable singles "Toxic," & “Dancer” have become anthems on many curated playlists, including receiving online reviews from his fans and lovers of his music. These tracks entail a vibe of the popular Afrobeat’s sound blended with a speck of his Chicago style. 

Energetic and passionate, Bren Got Hits dropped a mind-altering singles that display his  flow and creativity ingenuity. His production work was done by the producers Swim Team, who embraced the track at a high level of proficiency.

Look out For Bren Got Hits New Pop Single “Friday Night”


 Bren Got Hits carries an aspiration of becoming the first male Pop artist from Illinois. With his mellow voice and unique style, Bren's music has been well received in Chicago's hangout spots and in areas of Atlanta, Orlando, Vegas, and Los Angeles. The lyrics in his music stem from his love of Pop music and his ability to feature the realities of life in his music. With notable singles; Toxic, Dancer and 365, Chicago is yet to experience more of Bren Got Hits. His promising career is a declaration of an artist rising in ranks to the top of Billboards. 


From an enduring character driving creativity in the present-day musical styles of R&B and Pop, Bren Got Hits declared his intentions to drop new music every month this year. For an artist with adept songwriting skills, this is going to be a smooth ride.

Bren has done many shows throughout the US. He just released his new single titled "365," a track that is going to leave his fans asking for more.

An undeniably unique and mod artist, Bren Got Hits is a pioneer in Chicago's rising Pop sound.

To follow singer Bren Got Hits and all his upcoming projects, check out his social media and music streaming pages;


Facebook: @Brengothits

TikTok: @Brengothits





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